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The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a great growth period. Medical, Dental & Practice Management is one of the most exciting businesses to start. It is low-cost and recession-proof! In fact, the two main industries that continue to outperform are: IT & Healthcare services. Medical Billing combines them both! Unlike many sectors of the economy, the business opportunity in health care management is truly amazing! You can help doctors and help yourself by learning more about the opportunity that ClaimTek has developed over two decades in business

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Your income depends on several factors like your level of effort, your prior business background and skills, the time you dedicate to starting your company, and your willingness to market your services professionally. The following illustration is based on statistics on average income for a typical licensee over the first three years in business.

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Step 1: we train you!

Whether you have some level of experience or have no experience at all, your personal training mentor and business coach will help you hit the ground running as an experienced professional in…

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You’ll have your arsenal loaded with stat of the art Software, Marketing and Sales tools needed to enter the market and achieve your objectives.

step 3: we work with you!

Because entering the market for the first time can be a little scary, We thought you might use some company. We’ll work together providing you with…

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